Ocean Yoga

Ocean Yoga is a simple, meditative approach to Hatha Yoga. The focus is on internal awareness and conscious breathing to enhance the experience of the Asanas.

The practice is woven together with fluid transitions, drawing inspiration from the rhythms of the Ocean to reconnect with the primal wave-like movements of the spine and the Little Ocean that is the body. Additionally, each class is interspersed with times of meditation and stillness to allow space for deep relaxation and healing from the stresses of life.

Enlivening the body in this way brings the discovery of new possibilities for fluidity, balance and ease of movement and many find the effects of Yoga practice rippling out with positive effect into other areas of life.

Ocean Yoga is for those who are new to yoga as well as those who are looking for a gentle, awareness-based approach to deepen their practice.

Dean and Ginger both teach at Balance Point Health and Fitness and Sleeping Lady.

Additionally Dean and Ginger lead Partner Yoga workshops and Wellness Retreats. Please check yogaleavenworth.com for a local class schedule.

Now available!
Ocean Yoga: Self-Care Relaxation Practice
DVD by Dean Marson
This DVD is an easy-to-follow sequence of flowing movements designed to soften tense muscles and gently relax your body.

It is approximately 54 minutes in length, full color with an original soundtrack and is appropriate for all levels but especially meant for those just beginning to explore Yoga.

The Ocean Yoga DVD is $25 (includes US postage, international shipping extra)

To order, please contact Dean at info@beEnlivened.com or 509.881.4903.
Ocean Yoga: Self Care Relaxation Practice